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Write 1/Sub 1 check in: the one with two publications

W1S1 2014 - Monthly ChallengeIt’s hard to complain when your week includes two publications. It’s even harder when the universe lines up those publications just so. This week I saw not one, but two, military-themed publications.

In writing news, I am seriously inching my way through my story, as you can see. It’s still a work in progress. I’m almost tempted to go back on the weekly challenge, except I am also learning/teaching myself Adobe InDesign.

So, I’m not slacking … yet. And I’m really loving InDesign. Plus, it all contributes to my plan to take over the world.

Okay, maybe not that.


Writing Work:

  • Lawn Mower Serenade ~ still in progress–I am inching my way through this story.


  • Incriminating Evidence


  • The Life Expectancy of Fireflies
  • Incriminating Evidence


  • None



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Publication: Playing Soldier and Breakfast in the Desert

That’s right! I have two, count them, two publications out today. And in a crazy bit of synchronicity, they are both military-themed.

  • My Desert Storm poem, Breakfast in the Desert, is live over at Every Day Poets. That they picked today simply proves they are a pretty clever bunch over there. (See this Wikipedia article to see what I mean.)
  • My flash fiction/vignette, Playing Soldier, appears in Issue #9 of Vine Leaves Literary Journal.

This is a pretty terrific way to start a Friday.

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Looking back: Writing in 2012

iStock_000002528747XSmallIt’s the end of the year (or almost) so, of course, I simply must look back on writing in 2012. All the cool kids are doing it.

Anyway, my key word for 2012 was growth. I wanted to try a few new things with my writing and untie myself from the notion that I could only do just one thing.

I think I succeeded.

First, I mixed it up with some classes. I took:

  • A poetry class
  • Writing in the flow (the Robert Olen Butler method) class
  • Flash fiction/flash memoir class

I ended up writing more than forty poems (not necessarily good poems, mind you). In March, I surprised myself by writing a piece of flash fiction that simply tumbled out of me one morning, sparked by a poem I’d read.

And I thought to myself: Why am I not doing more of this? I like this!

I liked it so much, I ended up writing seven more stories (complete drafts) and have several others in the “stewing” stage.

Than first piece of flash fiction I wrote back in March? The Secret Life of Sleeping Beauty, which ended up:

In the big, surprising, out-of-the-blue sort of news this year, Darcy and I sold audio rights to Audible.com for The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. And now you know everything I do about that. If/when the audio book is produced, I’ll be sure to let you know.

I finished off the year with The Southeast Review’s 30-day writer’s regimen. At first, I was reluctant. Writing? During the holidays? Actually, it kept me writing during the holidays. I missed a prompt here and there, but I wrote something for nearly all of them. According to the website, it looks like they’re launching all new material in February 2013. Mark your calendars! I highly recommend this. I had a blast doing it.

And that’s my writing year. I think it was a good one.


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In which I write a poem about Carl Faberge

So, for a variety of reasons, I decided to take a poetry class. Poetry is one of those things that has always mystified me–it’s cryptic and obscure and part of me was certain this was a mistake.

Guess what? I’m kind of loving it. It’s not always easy. This week’s assignment was to write a sonnet. Fortunately, the only requirement we had to meet was the fourteen lines. The ten syllables per line and the rhyming scheme were optional.

I gave up on the rhyme early, but I wanted those ten syllables per line–and I was going to get it. So I sat in the lobby where Kyra takes dance and beat out syllables on my notebook. You know how some horses can “count” with their hooves? Yeah. It was kind of like that.

Since I was the only parent there at the time, I didn’t need to explain myself. Which is a good thing, since I probably would’ve responded with:

“I’m trying to write a %$#@-ing sonnet.”

The week before we wrote persona poems. This is a poem from the point of view of someone or

something else. So naturally, I wrote about Carl Faberge. My instructor didn’t respond–and didn’t respond. I figured I broke the class or at least his mind a little bit.

He was probably just having a busy week, because when he did respond, he called it remarkable and said:

You should check out some literary magazines you like and send it out.

As if it’s that easy. And I’m thinking: Here’s my secret talent. Finding the most unmarketable subject ever and rendering it in the least commercial form possible.

If “Two Hammers” (yeah, an inspired title, that) ever finds a home, you’ll be the first to know.

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It was an epic kind of week

This week around the web, in case you missed it:

Over at The Epic Rat, which is an epic name for a blog, comes this epic review of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading. I think this may actually be one of my favorite reviews of all time. I’m still grinning about it.

And speaking of epic, this is a pretty epic visual poem, presented by Radiolab and NPR:

All you Nerd Fighters have probably seen this one already, but I have to post because it’s, you know, epic. John Green on Looking for Alaska at My High School:

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